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We charge a delivery fee of $50/hr for wedding/tiered cakes or large bakery orders. This includes set-up and travel time, and requires a contract.

For regular bakery items, we offer delivery with Sablewood Drives+ for a flat rate fee of $10 within and surrounding the city of Winnipeg. We delivery within Winnipeg and surrounding area limits which includes:
City of Winnipeg, North Border: East/West St. Paul, West Border: Taylor Farm and Provincial Road 334, East Border: Deacons Corner, South Border: Marchand Road.

When placing your order, select ‘Delivery’ at checkout. The delivery window is between 9am-2pm, but an exact delivery time is not guaranteed. Our drivers will not leave perishable items unattended, so please make arrangements to have your order collected directly from the driver. If the driver cannot contact you and complete the delivery, the order will be returned to 580-E Academy Road at the expense of the customer, and the customer will be required to pick up the order from 580-E Academy Road within 24 hours. Orders that cannot be delivered/picked up will not be refunded.